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About Me

Ever since I was a youngster in rural Oregon I have been fascinated by nature.  This fascination has led me to many amazing places including spotted owl nests in Oregon mountains, glacially carved cliffs below families of mountain goats, and rushing salmon streams packed with bears.  I have worked with endangered species, songbirds, and large mammals from Alaska to the Equator.  I currently lead the Black-tail Deer Project in northern California.

Current Project

Black-tailed Deer-Mountain Lion Deer Project

Research Interests

I study ecological processes that enhance or imperil the function and biodiversity of ecological systems.  I use the tools of community and movement ecology to study natural predator-prey systems and citizen science and conservation planning to study how people interact with the natural world. 

All of my research interests involve using a theoretical understanding of ecology and a deep understanding of natural history to make real contributions to applied conservation.

Specific research interests include:

1. How Ecological Factors Affect Ungulate Vital Rates and Population Dynamics

  1. 2.Effects of Predation Risk on Spatial Structure of Communities and Population Dynamics

  1. 3.Camera trapping as a tool for wildlife research

  1. 4.Conservation Biology Planning and Philosophy

  1. 5.Citizen Science and Conservation

    I use SoGo Survey for tracking learning outcomes and gathering volunteer feedback in citizen science projects.  For more information:



Contact Me

1069 Academic Surge

University of California – Davis

One Shields Avenue

Davis, CA 95616

  1. (530) 754-7640


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