Current Projects

Black-tailed Deer-Mountain Lion Project

This joint project between UC Davis and the California Department of Fish and Game is investigating several aspects of black-tailed deer dynamics in the Coast Range of California, including the effects of predation and forage quality on adult and fawn survival, the spatial and movement ecology of deer habitat use and selection, and mountain lion predation and feeding ecology.

Fisher Project

As part of a larger project on fisher ecology in the southern Sierra Nevada, we will be investigating reproductive ecology as it relates to habitat used by adult females during the denning season.

Huemul-Puma Project

This project is in collaboration with Conservacion Patagonica, and contributes to ongoing efforts to conserve the endangered huemul deer as well as describe the life history and feeding ecology of pumas, predation effects of pumas on huemul deer, and the effects of scavengers on puma feeding ecology.

Black-tailed Deer        Fisher        Huemul-Puma

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